The world of TV and screens is changing dramatically and so is is the demand for new and different content that will engage audiences on traditional TV as well as on connected screens. This is our focus and investment now and we are keen to be collaborating with great content producers and creatives, so please reach out and connect. 

Come and meet us check out our new creative and collaboration space at Work Club Melbourne, or alternatively
​Work Club in Sydney.

More than 3 decades of extraordinary entertainment

Following the sales of its operating assets, IP and agreements to 
Southern Cross Austereo Ltd.
in August 2016,
​Authentic Entertainment remains part of MCM and is currently developing new television and digital media formats.

MCM Entertainment Group Limited was founded in 1983 as MCM Productions Pty Ltd. by Tony McGinn. Over 33 years MCM and its subsidiaries in Australia, USA, the UK and Asia produced and distributed a vast array of radio, television and more recently digital media content. MCM has been a leading independent media content producer, distributor and pioneered branded content on radio, TV and digital before it was even called branded content.

In August 2016, MCM sold its major media assets and contracts within its 100% subsidiary, Authentic Entertainment Pty Ltd.